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Dental Plans for Braces

There are different types of dental plans that cover orthodontic work. See below for a description of some of the main types.

Dental Indemnity Insurance
- High deductibles
- Annual dollar limit on benefits
- Freedom to chose your own dentist
- Average cost is $40/mo. Per person
- Regulated by state insurance departments
- Often cover up to 50% of dental braces work

HMO Dental Insurance
- Monthly premiums
- Co-payments for office visits
- Must select from an approved network of dentists
- May have an enrollment fee
- Annual dollar cap
- Average cost is $20-$40/mo.
- Regulated by state insurance department

Dental Discount Plans
- Monthly fee to dental-discount network
- Initial enrollment fee
- Average cost is $10 to $20/mo.
- You are purchasing access to dentists who have agreed to reduce their rates for their services and therefore you must use dentists within the network
- This is not an insurance policy

Dental Preferred Provider Organizations
- Monthly premiums
- Annual dollar cap
- Must use approved dentists or pay higher deductibles
- Average cost is $40/mo.
- Regulated by state insurance departments

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